S T U D I O  S Z A B R I E S

O N L I N E  G A L L E R Y

Limited Editions On Aluminum

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•Years in development, this process is exclusive to Studio Szabries • Each piece is unique with hand finished aluminum surface.

•Durable, high gloss hand rubbed finish • All pieces in edition are signed & numbered, including artist proofs

•Frameless, ready to hang option available for each print.

18" x 24"
Morning  Light
20" x 30"

30" x 40"

(on aluminum)
18" x 24

(on watercolor paper)
18" x 24

20" x 30"

(retired...not currently available)

"Looking Glass"
18" x 36"

"Sweet Surrender"

20 " x 30"

18" x 24"

Please Call For Pricing. Gallery, Architect & Designer programs available.